Windows Hosting Services India

Join hands with us to experience the best Windows Hosting service. Webindia Cloud’s Windows Hosting offers the compliance and power of Parallels Plesk / CPanel And a wide variety of other hosting features are here for you.

Various settings
Various settings
Windows Hosting Services India

User Friendly Control Panel  

With Windows Hosting, you will get the convenient panel, which makes your task simple. It would be helpful for you to check the website management and database creation etc.

Highly Secured

It will never be that easy to attach your website while it is getting hosted by highly secured windows hosting by Webindia Cloud expects. You would get a lot more security features with it.

Highly Responsive 

Windows hosting service will never let you wait for stuff that you always wished. Though our professionals are working at the backend, they would never allow you to face the response issue.

Expert Support

Issues don’t consider time or date, and so it is essential to be ready. Webindia Cloud’s experts are 24/7 online. Never allow the problems to deal with the response of your website.

Features and Benefits

Time Management
Your project will be on your hands at the time that we promised while making the deal. Time will never bother the quality as it always comes from the hands of experts.
Expert’s Assistance
It is not that easy to choose and move with a hosting or domain. We would audit your complete website and process; experts would recommend the best that would help you for sure.
Unlimited Bandwidth
There are no restrictions on the bandwidth of windows hosting. You will get the complete benefits that you always wished to grasp for the benefits of your firm.

Webindia Cloud’s other
value added hosting services

Linux Hosting

We offer a full-fledged Linux Web Hosting services that are assured to meet your specific needs.
Webindia Cloud offers you the fastest hosting experience.

Shared hosting

Webindia Cloud’s shared hosting service is the right point to initiate your online journey. Comparatively, it would be the most efficient hosting line for every startup and growing websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

Windows Server and operating system are developed and sold by none other than Microsoft. The users who are familiar with windows will be comfortable with windows server. Most of the user has been using Windows hosting with ASP.NET.

How do I choose between Linux and Windows Hosting?

The operating system is the primary and the main difference between the two hosting plans. If you are going to develop your website with the help of ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, then the recommended option will be Windows Hosting.

Do I get a control panel to manage my hosting plan?

Yes, you could get the latest control Panel for managing the Windows Shared Hosting Plan. If you prefer to host your site on the standard WordPress, HTML/CSS, then Linux Hosting is the prescribed option.

Does your Windows Hosting support multiple programming languages?

We understand the significance of the part played by programming languages is valuable in windows hosting. Our hosting plans incorporate support for popular programming languages such as PHP v5, ASP, and ASP.NET v3.5.

What are the features of Webindia Cloud’s Windows Shared Hosting?

Webindia cloud windows hosting plans give you limitless hosting space, unrestricted bandwidth and unlimited number of email accounts. We can guarantee a genuinely seamless hosting knowledge for the webmasters.

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