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Since Linux is free, open-source and most appropriate for both beginners and professionals, this operating system has is using all over the world with comparatively large in numbers. Linux hosting is widely spread because of its compatibility and with a variety of applications and tools.

Various settings
Various settings
Linux Hosting in Chennai

Highly recommended Control Panel  

We offer World’s Leading Hosting Control Panel with several add on benefits like Manage Web Pages, View Website Statistics and database creation and editing etc.

Intensive Security 

Herewith, you can avoid user who has been interfering your website with the help of IP blocking. The get even more controls with your panel.


Linux hosting service wouldn’t make you feel any drag in your website. You would get the high speed and least load time, which makes your visitors feel comfortable.

Ease of operation

If you wish not to struggle but need an easy interface, then it should be your priority. You can build your own solutions and you allowed to choose your own interface that includes TomCat& Apache.

Most peculiar benefits of Linux Hosting India

Unimaginable choices
If you are a Windows or Apple user, you would have been stuck at one or another point when you wished to explore. Linux will never put you down when you want to study.
Open Source Network
It is the root cause of every benefit. Linux is the only possible Open Source platform for everyone. It is because there is no particular one to own this operating system.
If something comes to you with the comprehensive benefits and at the least expensive, who will regret to pick it? As we said, this is the most used and worthy hosting plan.

Webindia Cloud’s Other Equally
Best Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

Webindia Cloud’s shared hosting service is the right point to initiate your online journey. Comparatively, it would be the most efficient hosting line for every startup .

Windows Hosting

Webindia Cloud’s Windows Hosting offers the compliance and power of Parallels Pesky Panel
And a wide variety of other hosting features are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is a Unix-like OS implemented as a free, open-source choice. Initially, it was developed in 1991 as a very first free operating system for Intel x86-based and computer which were trending on those days.

Why is Linux Preferred over Windows by Most Webmasters?

Everything is right with Windows hosting, but Linux is preferred for many reasons. Linux supports the use of PHP, Python, CGI and Pearl that are quite familiar options for webmasters. It’s is one of the most stable choices for the hosting.


How do I choose between Linux and Windows Shared Hosting?

Various guidelines can direct your determination. The thumb law helps if you wish to host a website on ASP, ASP.NET, IIS or MSSQL, please try to choose Windows Shared Hosting. For sites in HTML/CSS, PHP or regular WordPress websites.

What are the advantages of using Linux?

When it is referred to be web hosting, Linux supporters will insist that Linux offers a lower cost of development than Windows because Linux hosting plans would be cheaper than Windows. Get Linux, and save money and be secure.

If I use a web host that runs Linux will Windows users be able to see my website?

Yeah. The site would send information using standard languages like HTML, XML which makes a browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox can read that there is no problem for someone using Windows to see a website running on a Linux server and vice versa

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