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Let you put intensive care on your business plans and strategies while we are here with a team which justifies the word “perfection” in managing all your hosting service without hitting you by unwanted discomforts.

Various settings
Various settings
Web Hosting India

100% Responsive 

We host your website effortlessly. Your site would be more responsive when it gets hosted by Webindia Cloud as we have highly talented technicians.


Never worry about security issues while your website is hosting by Webindia Cloud. We provide an immense range of security that would withstand many attacks.

Customer Support

We are online 24/7. Whenever you find issue with the response or any other matter, simply our executive. Probably they would get you an instant solution.

Multiple Platforms 

We never limited to any particular platform, but we are open to all specifications. We are here to fulfill your business requirements at its best.


Web Hosting for CMS Websites

Whether it is a high traffic website or another commercial website, we offer top-notch hosting service for every CMS website that you always prefer. Our experts will give their best to meet your requirements.

Infrastructure Management

We manage your website’s infrastructure in an appropriate method. Webindia Cloud would be the one-stop solution for your complete online hunger
Advanced Database

Outdated data or service wouldn’t be recommended or utilized while coping up with your website desire. We work with proven best strategies.
C-Panel Management

It might be difficult to manage while you are at unstable schedules or situations. We take pleasure to take charge

Types of Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated web hosting could seem to be amazing, with completely featured service. Experts are here to trash problems when it rises up.

Linux Hosting

We offer a full-fledged Linux Web Hosting services that are assured to meet your specific needs. Webindia Cloud offers you the fastest hosting experience.

Windows Hosting

Webindia Cloud’s Windows Hosting offers the compliance and power of Parallels Plesk Panel and a wide variety of other hosting features are here for you.

Virtual Server Hosting

Our Virtual Server hosting plan is the ideal solution for the customer who desires for dedicated server paired with the affordable features of a VPS

Frequently Asked Questions

How web hosting works?

Web hosting holds the basic keys to be accessible across the Internet. Contents that are available on your website need to be hosted on a server and this service is called Web Hosting. As a website owner, you get the path to maintain your site easily.

How do I find the most suitable hosting plan?

Before you get into a journey of comparison, you will have to choose what type of web hosting would be the wise choice for your requirements as a webmaster. All of your basic options get shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting.

Why Webindia Cloud’s Web Hosting?

Webindia Cloud delivers turnkey web hosting solutions which have been tailored to your special necessities. Our deep knowledge as a leading web hosting firm has helped us to build scalable hosting solutions which ensure outstanding performance and unmatched power.

Does your hosting come with a control panel?

Yeah, the hosting comes stuffed with the world’s best cPanel control. When you choose a web hosting plan, your website is collected and saved on a hosting server. Later it would get assigned in a unique name server. Our web hosting service would get coupled with top-notch technical assistance.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

Yes, you can update at any time. If you are updating from Shared Hosting to Business Hosting, we have to migrate your account to various server. Then we have to arrange a favorable time to do this for your website with minimal downtime. Still, if you have a comprehensive portal or would love to host multiple sites, our Pro plans are better suited.

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