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Scheduling the email will be helpful for you when you are planning an event or promotional strategy. When you are offsite, you can also send a default response mail.


Unlimited storage
and backup

No matter how many emails or files you receive, everything can be stored and backup. Whenever you are in need of it, you are allowed to review it.



The inbuilt spam filter will remove the complete spam mails that you receive often. The action of the filter will be rapid, and the mail will never be projected in the inbox.



You will never receive any inappropriate advertisement which always uses to poke you while you are at other important schedules. We are here to help you with the initiation tour.

Corporate Email Solutions

Features & Benefits

Security benefits
Webindia Cloud will accompany a regular audit and also we use to monitor all security practices to assure unflagging protection of your business or personal data.
Unimaginable performance
Time will definitely define the reach in email. Specialists of Webindia Cloud had researched and came up with a successful timing strategy which is working for many clients.
24/7 support
Whenever you need an indication or leads or any other assistance, feel free to call or text us. Technicians of Webindia Cloud are online 24/7. They take pleasure in guiding you.
Corporate Communication
Don’t mail your clients from the normal or usual email id that would make them judge your service. Email id should be in your domain name to build trust among your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a different solution that concentrates fundamentally on email servers. This service works individually from website hosting; therefore, your company will get operated at full scale, while you’re installing everything up.

Why do I have to pay for Email Services? Aren’t other providers offering this for free?

You cannot find the name you want. Most usual names were already taken and you ought to pay for getting lengthy and confusing ones to communicate. You would witness ads in your email interface and in the emails that you send out.

What are the advantages of domain-based email boxes?

Creating an impact on the brand would be an essential move. But it is not a simple thing as you guess. It is much simpler with domain-based email hosting! Each letter that you send will advertise your domain name to potentials clients while assisting them in checking out your site.

Why should I buy G Suite over other email offerings?

It gives the simple Gmail and Google Drive interface, all on the domain name. If you are studying for a performance offering for your business demands, G Suite is for you!

Can I migrate my email content from other platforms?

Yeah. Every plan would have an inbuilt email migration medium to help you transport anything you want from a medium to our platform. If you get into any trouble or need assistance, our dedicated Client Expert Team will be happy to help you out!

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